Execute Operational Rhythm

Operational Rhythm is a turbo charged workshop that not only is exceptional at building and executing strategy, but a great way to build team unity and get results.

More than just TEAM BUILDING, this workshop will develop a strategy that will take your company to the next level.

Operational Rhythm is a 5-Step process that details how to lead a team to achieve big time results. Operational Rhythm is not only exceptional at executing strategy, its stunning for day to day operations of a team. Operational Rhythm gets results…first and foremost, it drives things across the goal line. Secondly, it inspires people to be internalized and self-directed. Lastly, it creates a high performing culture. The 5-Steps of Operational Rhythm when followed the outcomes are…well, stunning.

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Right People, Right Roles

The first step is to make sure you have enough of the Right People in the Right Roles. People are the most reliable resource for consistently generating excellent results. Their judgments, experience, capabilities and willingness make the difference between success and failure. Over time, choosing the right people is what creates that elusive sustainable competitive advantage.

Unified Focus

Leaders will have a unified focus in successful organization.  They will be unified on the issues that are keeping us from achieving the desired outcomes. They will be unified on what the future state will look like.  They will be unified on those handful of specific actions that will take you from where you are to where you want to be.

Metrics that Matter

On winning high performing teams, every team member knows the metrics that drive the team success, and are regularly updated so they know how the team is tracking. Keeping score produces clear, frequent feedback that can transform tasks into accomplishments that in turn can generate intense satisfaction and team energy.

Cadence of Accountability

The lack of follow through to ensure plans are on track is a primary cause for teams to fail. Every step of Operational Rhythm is important, but this is where the magic takes place in ensuring accountability and ownership for results. It is here where the work, innovation, extra effort and real growth takes place and where we succeed or fail. The essence of Cadence of Accountability is to ensure people report back on their commitments and responsibilities, demonstrating ‘they do what they say.’ Updates and progress reports must be transparent…something that requires enormous trust. Robust dialogue is essential.

Take Action!

Taking Action! separates the strong leaders from the weak ones. Once people report back on the things they are accountable for, a strong leader Takes Action! – either to recognize and/or reward the doers…which is huge and rarely done well, or to take corrective action targeted at the root cause for things not being on track.


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Mark L Oborn

With expertise in leadership, strategy, performance measurement and process design, Mark is a highly sought after executive advisor. He is known for helping leadership teams consistently deliver the four leadership outcomes with a laser focus on measurable leadership. He strives to achieve leadership development that drives performance for lasting results. Mark developed Pure Leadership Power© as a tool to unite leadership teams in transforming their organizations and creating a results-focused culture.

Kirk J Oborn

Kirk has extensive experience as a business professional with much of the time spent in senior leadership roles where he has developed expertise in leadership development. By coaching individuals to become accountable, work on teams, and improve performance, mediocrity was replaced with excellence and potentials were unleashed. Specializing in workforce optimization and performance measurement, he has helped companies establish good business practices that keep employees satisfied, loyal, and engaged.

The workshop takes organizational leaders and teams and helps them to become unified in strategy, vision and execution.

Agree on the Problems

The first point of unity is to agree on the problems…the critical issues that are keeping us from achieving our desired outcomes. We discuss with the team the critical issues, barriers and obstacles they face.

Determine Future State

The second point of unity is to determine the desired future state… where does your team want to be concerning the four areas.

Prioritize the Actions

The third point of unity is to prioritize no more than a handful of specific actions that will take you from where you are to where you want to be.

Operational Rhythm Offsite Workshop


Organizations that try to create growth without an agreement on issues, future state and metrics, are doomed to fail from the start. Our Execute Operational Rhythm workshop takes your leadership team through steps that will build a strategy and give you the tools to execute that strategy.  In the process of building this strategy, your team will become more unified with a shared vision — passion to get the work done!

We will take your team to a fantastic location where their creative juices will flow.  Part of the experience includes activities that will challenge the team in a fun and experiential way.  This workshop is not just another meeting with a few fun activities.  It is the most unique, results oriented work that a leadership team can do together.


We have used Operational Rhythm for the past two years and currently have over 20 teams working on 90-day improvement projects across all Ambulatory Services. By following the five basic principles; recruiting the right people for the right roles, developing an unified vision, selecting key performance metrics, being accountable to self/team/institution and taking countermeasures for non-performance and conducting weekly rapid report out meetings, our teams have completed over 100 highly successful projects with many exceeding initial targets. Our triad leadership teams of Doctors, Nurses and Administrators are deeply committed to drive improvements and performance together as one, which is directly attributable to Operational Rhythm and Operational Leadership Development.

Walter Dusseldorp, MBA, FACHE - Jacobi Medical Center, Associate Executive Director

Operational Rhythm at Paradise was a perfect blend of fun, work and teambuilding. Petrous elevates our thought process to a state of higher leadership ideals and application.

Scot Roberts - Genysis Brand Solutions, Director CIO

Our employees are now starting to take ownership of their jobs.

Joel Hall - Unrivaled, CEO & Owner

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